Gregory Iavarone, DC

Doctor Iavarone Chiropractic Integrity Medical Group


Managing Partner & Treating Physician, IAVARONE CHIROPRACTIC • Addison, IL                    1997-Present

Treatment of numerous musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions including migraine headaches, cervical/lumbar disc herniation, spinal stenosis, IVF stenosis, and tendenopathies; Provided post-surgical rehabilitation. for cervical/lumbar disc herniation and arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery; Administered patient education programs; Provided back consulting to United Airlines employees for proper technique in lifting baggage.

  • Responsible for budgeting decisions and expense control; Primarily responsible for offers of employment, discharging current employees, and quarterly employee reviews.

Treating Physician, Lutheran General Hospital • Park Ridge, IL                                                              2001-Present

Provided treatment of above-referenced conditions; Consulted in strength and stretching programs and nutrition.

Adjunct Professor, Lutheran General Hospital • Park Ridge, IL                                                                   2003 -2010

Lectured Family Practice and Internal Medicine Residents on the uses of Complimentary Medicine; Provided hands-on experience to Medical Doctors during patient care; Lectured to Family Practice and Internal Medicine Department on the treatment of musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions; Lectured to physical therapy department on the treatment of spinal stenosis.

Medical Director, ULTRIS HEALTH & REHAB CARE • Palatine, IL                                       1997-1998

Worked as a medical director in conjunction with Holy Family Hospital’s Industrial Medical Center; Responsible for initial consultations and developing rehabilitation programs and treatment plans; Assessed patient progress and worked in conjunction with Holy Family’s internist on patient care.

Account Executive, CAPITAL FORENSICS f/k/a CONTROL CAPITAL GROUP • Buffalo Grove, IL                         1992 – 1995

  • Union Pension Plans

Monitored investment managers in order to ensure proper portfolio allocation; Presented quarterly reports to union executive management; Made recommendations as to maintaining or discharging money managers.

  • Health & Welfare Insurance

Involved in marketing campaigns to corporations; Collected census data to properly target demographics; Analyzed and structured data provided to multiple insurance companies; Received and interpreted data received from insurance companies; Presented formalized plans to Health & Welfare insurance companies; Implemented plans accepted by insurance companies; Resolved ongoing issues with Health & Welfare insurance plans.



  • MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL – Professional baseball player with the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, and Texas Rangers organizations from 1985 – 1992.